Thaumcraft is a mod that adds magic abilities to the world of Minecraft.  It’s a lot to explain in a single post, so check out these videos for an idea of what this mod is capable of:

Nuke TNT Mod

This mod allows you to create new types of TNT that have varying effect, as described by the developer: Scatterbomb: Creates a Massive Creator in the ground Firebomb: Sets objects on fire. Napalm: Creates a pool of lava. Miner: Drops 100% of the blocks that it destroys. Nuke: Creates a big hole in the ground This mod requires ModLoader.

DungeonPack Mod

This mod massively enhances the dungeon system in Minecraft by adding over 17 new dungeon types.  I highly recommend checking out the original thread at the Minecraft Forums to see the developer’s example screenshots, they’re very impressive! This mod requires Forge API.

Third Person Camera Mod

From the developer: This mod makes it so that you can manipulate your camera in various ways while in third-person mode. For more information about this mod please visit the developer’s web site. This mod requires ModLoader.

Minecraft Forge API

The Forge API is required for some mods to work.  You can download the API using the download link below. Please note that this mod is incompatible with ModLoader. Installation instructions We recommend starting with a completely clean installation of Minecraft. Download the latest release from the link below. Extract the archive you downloaded in […]