StrongestCraft+ Transparent Texture Pack

You’ve probably seen mods that enable you to see through blocks, making it a simple task to track down precious diamonds and other hard-to-find resources.  Typically those mods are considered cheating and are banned from a lot of servers – this gets around that problem by using a simple transparent texture pack rather than a […]


Thaumcraft is a mod that adds magic abilities to the world of Minecraft.  It’s a lot to explain in a single post, so check out these videos for an idea of what this mod is capable of:

The Gems+ Mod


This mod adds a whole lot of new gems to the world of Minecraft.  These gems are added naturally as gem filled blocks you can find underground, exactly the same as the existing minerals/gems.  These new gems can be used to craft new armour and weapons with various abilities.  The developer (Boilingfort) posted an excellent […]



Jolicraft is an amazingly thorough texture pack that seems to completely retheme… basically everything that can be reskinned.  You get new mob skins, creature skins, rethemed UI – the works! The skin still keeps each block with a similar texture so it shouldn’t upset the look of anything you’ve already created and should only serve […]


This mod adds loads and loads of stuff, I couldn’t even possibly hope to cover everything this mod does in a single post.  It adds several new bosses to the game and loads of new items for you to acquire as loot. Unfortunately at the time of posting this (21/01/2012) the mod hasn’t been updated […]

Ancient Egypt Texture Pack

From the artist: This is a texture pack I am working on. A lot is just the original art recolored to suit a different style. The most important features are sand-colored stone and the paintings which are now hieroglyphs instead. Recently added are also the different dyed wools which have been turned into the decorative […]

Modern HD


Modern HD is a beautiful HD texture pack made that I highly recommend trying.  The pack is particularly useful for creating modern looking houses as you can see from the developer’s mod page at PlanetMinecraft.

Rei’s Minimap Mod


Since Zan’s Minimap Mod has been discontinued, ReiFNSK has stepped up to the plate and delivered his own spin on a minimap mod for Minecraft. Feature list from the developer: Fast processing Beautiful map rendering: Expression of semitransparent blocks Bump-map expression of height Expression of dynamically changing lighting Automatically generate the block colors from your […]

Nuke TNT Mod

This mod allows you to create new types of TNT that have varying effect, as described by the developer: Scatterbomb: Creates a Massive Creator in the ground Firebomb: Sets objects on fire. Napalm: Creates a pool of lava. Miner: Drops 100% of the blocks that it destroys. Nuke: Creates a big hole in the ground This mod requires ModLoader.

MCPatcher HD Fix

MCPatcher is a tool that will allow you to use HD texture packs, but it’s also more than that.  It features the ability to automate installation of Minecraft mods.  You just load the appropriate mod file and MCPatcher will do the rest, installing it into your Minecraft while doing the best it can to avoid […]