This is a bit of a sad story this one, as it is a hugely awesome mod packed to the brim with excellent new content, but it’s also defunct and hasn’t been updated since the official 1.0 release of Minecraft.  That said, I’m still adding it here for those who might be happy to install an older version of Minecraft for use with this mod.

The  mod adds a hell of a lot of stuff so I’ll let you browse through the original mod thread at the Minecraft Forums to see the complete feature list.

To install this mod you’ll need to make sure you install the following dependencies (the links below are for the 1.0 compatible versions of each mod – to see the updated mod information click the “lastest” link next to those that have one):

The author was kind enough to post a great guide for installing the mod:

Once you have installed the above mods, you can install the Aether:

  1. First of all, go to your start menu. If you have Windows 7 there should already be a search bar there. If you use Windows XP, find a program on the side called “Run” and open it. Once you’ve clicked on the search bar, type in %appdata%
  2. This should open up a folder called Roaming with a bunch folders inside. On the very top should be a folder called “.minecraft”. Open it. Once inside, open another folder called “bin”, and then open the “minecraft.jar” file with Winrar.
  3. Now, go back to the “Aether_1.04″ folder then “Jars” folder that you downloaded before. Inside there should be a bunch of folders and files. Drag them into the “minecraft.jar” you opened up recently with Winrar and press yes if it asks you to replace some files. Once done, delete the folder inside called “META-INF”.
  4. After that, you must go back to the original “.minecraft” folder that you were in before the “bin” folder. Once you are inside that folder, go back to the “Aether_1.04″ folder and drag both the “resources” folder into “.minecraft”. Press yes if it asks you to merge any folders.
  5. Close down all the windows and start up Minecraft. Wait a while, and if it ends up black screening then you have a problem. If not, then enjoy!

If you happen to use Too Many Items (commonly known as TMI), it must be noted that you must install it AFTER you’ve installed the Aether, otherwise it will not work correctly.