Frenden’s Meringued Cartoon Pack


Way back in the day (two years ago) a talented artist by the name of Ray Frenden made a texture pack for Minecraft.  The pack was very popular and developed something of a fanbase but unfortunately the artist was not able to keep maintaining the pack and it has since been abandoned. The good news […]

Revival – SMP’s Texture Pack


This is probably one of my favourite texture packs – I’ve used it on and off basically as long as it has existed.  You can see the screenshots below from the texture pack’s official site which do a pretty good job of showing the pack off.  It’s been around for quite a while so it’s a […]

oCd Texture Pack


This is a great skin for those OCD folk among us (myself included!)  Everything is nice and neat and simple – clean angles and even spacing make this a very pleasant pack to look at. This texture pack is great for any fans of the Tronic texture pack, which was very similar in its overall […]

StrongestCraft+ Transparent Texture Pack

You’ve probably seen mods that enable you to see through blocks, making it a simple task to track down precious diamonds and other hard-to-find resources.  Typically those mods are considered cheating and are banned from a lot of servers – this gets around that problem by using a simple transparent texture pack rather than a […]



Jolicraft is an amazingly thorough texture pack that seems to completely retheme… basically everything that can be reskinned.  You get new mob skins, creature skins, rethemed UI – the works! The skin still keeps each block with a similar texture so it shouldn’t upset the look of anything you’ve already created and should only serve […]

Ancient Egypt Texture Pack

From the artist: This is a texture pack I am working on. A lot is just the original art recolored to suit a different style. The most important features are sand-colored stone and the paintings which are now hieroglyphs instead. Recently added are also the different dyed wools which have been turned into the decorative […]

Modern HD


Modern HD is a beautiful HD texture pack made that I highly recommend trying.  The pack is particularly useful for creating modern looking houses as you can see from the developer’s mod page at PlanetMinecraft.



This texture pack was sent in by its artist XMissAdventureX.  The screenshots in the thread at the Minecraft Forums didn’t really show off the menus but I think that’s the greatest part of this texture pack as it shows the artist has really put a lot of time and care into it.  Please download this […]