Greek Craft (Greek Mythology Mod)


As a big fan of Greek mythology this mod is right up my alley and I’m super excited to see how it develops from here.  This mod was submitted by the author himself, Magicshancake_Productions. Here’s how he describes the mod over in his Minecraft Forum thread. Greek Craft is a mod based on Greek Mythology. So […]

Ferullo’s Guns Mod


This is a pretty popular mod that adds a bunch of different guns into Minecraft.  The authors of the mod have a thread on Minecraft Forum that covers the basic details and includes a fairly detailed installation guide.  Other than that, the Yogs have made a video featuring the mod that should give you a […]

Andy’s Mod


This mod was submitted by the author himself who has this to say about the mod in his MinecraftForum thread: This is my first mod, which adds one new ore, one ingot, a pickaxe, a sword, one block, and a lightning bolt(special item). The mods name is Andy’s Mod because my name is Andy, and […]

Aether Mod

This is a bit of a sad story this one, as it is a hugely awesome mod packed to the brim with excellent new content, but it’s also defunct and hasn’t been updated since the official 1.0 release of Minecraft.  That said, I’m still adding it here for those who might be happy to install […]

SanAndreasP’s Manager Pack

From the developer: This is a pack which includes (actually) 3 managers: The Config Manager, The Update Manager and the Language Manager. For Players: For players it’s just a mod which has to be installed if it’s required. Download for the pack is below. For Modders: The config manager gives you the abillity to do […]

Clay Soldiers Mod

From the developer: Here’s how it works: A clay soldier is an item you can hold in your hand. It is crafted using a clay block (for substance) and soulsand (for sustaining intelligent life). Specifically, one block of clay and one block of soulsand can be used to create four soldiers. Once you have a […]

Too Many Items


From the developer: Createand enchant items in-game, including mod items. Save and load entire inventories. Create unlimited stacks and tools. Switch game modes, test mods, create huge survival worlds, and more. Updated quickly! Install: Read the Installing Mods page on the Minecraft Wiki. Search for Install TooManyItems on YouTube. The community has made lots of video tutorials. Thanks guys! Turn […]


Thaumcraft is a mod that adds magic abilities to the world of Minecraft.  It’s a lot to explain in a single post, so check out these videos for an idea of what this mod is capable of:

The Gems+ Mod


This mod adds a whole lot of new gems to the world of Minecraft.  These gems are added naturally as gem filled blocks you can find underground, exactly the same as the existing minerals/gems.  These new gems can be used to craft new armour and weapons with various abilities.  The developer (Boilingfort) posted an excellent […]


This mod adds loads and loads of stuff, I couldn’t even possibly hope to cover everything this mod does in a single post.  It adds several new bosses to the game and loads of new items for you to acquire as loot. Unfortunately at the time of posting this (21/01/2012) the mod hasn’t been updated […]